Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"Facebook Fashion"

Greetings fellow fashion hunters! I am one of those shoppers that always hunts down the best prices before committing to a purchase. I just figure that extra five bucks is better off in my pocket than someone else’s… It may sound stingy, but given the economic climate of late, I think this is a smart way to shop… This desire to get the best deal has lead me to search for the smaller boutiques offering the best deals… As it happens, I found them on Facebook… I was in awe of the sheer number of little online boutiques running their businesses through Facebook – it’s a great idea! Due to the low running costs, their prices are much lower than the mainstream websites – even when you compare exactly the same stock! So, it definitely pays to shop around… On Facebook that is!

One boutique I have taken a liking to in particular is SaxonBoutique… A small business run by Jessica… She stocks the Madison Square Clothing and Wilde Heart ranges (my fave right now!) and her prices are the best I’ve been able to find – in some cases you can save up to $20 per item! That’s a huge price difference, especially when you’re purchasing multiple items – it all adds up… The way I look at it, with the money you “save” shopping at Saxon Boutique, you can treat yourself to something a little extra… Dinner, a movie, shoes or another item from Saxon Boutique hehe!

Here are some of my picks from Saxon Boutique, featuring Jessica's amazing range of Madison Square Clothing and Wilde Heart items. The next time you’re sitting at your desk, bored and on Facebook, why not consider some shopping while you’re there! Keep up to date with all of Saxon Boutique’s new arrivals via their Instagram feed too and stay tuned… Saxon Boutique has a new website launching very soon!!! - @saxonboutique.

Happy Shopping!

Toni X

Two Timer Skirt - $45 - Available Here

Show Off Angled Skirt - $40 - Available Here

50 Shades Angled Striped Top - $40 - Available Here

Lara Striped Blazer - $60 - Available Here

Queen of Hearts Top in Mulberry (Other Colours Available!) - $45 - Available Here

Smoke & Mirrors Vest - $65 - Available Here

Breaking Bad Boyfriend Jeans (Coming Soon & Available for Pre-order) - $75 - Available Here

Fast Track Joggers - $55 - Available Here

Lucy Thigh High Split Maxi Dress - $55 - Available Here

Cara Leatherette Sleeved Jacket - $75 - Available Here

Coco Tweed Biker Jacket - $65 - Available Here

Intermission Jacket with Leatherette Sleeves - $65 - Available Here

The Ah-mazing Whistle Blower Jacket - $90 - Available Here


  1. I've been catching up on your posts now that I'm back at work (got to find something to keep me busy... haha) but i'm loving your blog! Keep it coming :) xo

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely feedback hun! Means so much to me :-) so jelly of your overseas trip pics on Insta! Hope you had an amazing time xxx ooo