Sunday, 3 May 2015

One For Mum, One For You!

With Mother's Day fast approaching, it's so tempting to go for the usual PJ's and fluffy slippers option... Snore... Since there is so much out there to treat Mum with, it's hard to find the right balance between value for money and a present which says "I actually put some though into this Mum!"

So... After purchasing a few items from The Peach Box recently, I know for sure I'll be treating Mum to a few things too. The Peach Box is a online store which focuses on beautiful pieces of jewellery and I really mean gorgeous...

When my order of three bracelets arrived, I must admit I was legitimately surprised. The quality is amazing - it's right up there with my more expensive (and branded) pieces. I was so impressed, I'm thinking of buying more from their range in gold and I will definitely be buying some for my lovely Mum.

Costume jewellery is a bit hit and miss... At the inexpensive end of the spectrum, there's lots to choose from, but nothing really screams "timeless & classy". Then there's the Tiffany's end, which is downright highway robbery! Let's face it, not everyone is in a position to indulge their loved ones with things like that. However, by shopping at The peach Box you can get the best of both worlds - and Mum will love you for it!

All items come in the most gorgeous packaging too - pretty and classic black & white boxes with little velvet pouches... You won't even need to think about gift wrapping - Hurrah!

See some pics of my purchases below and be sure to check them out at and on Instagram @thepeachbox :-). Be sure to enter the code "mum2015" at the checkout for 15% off your order for Mother's Day too!

Happy Shopping!

Toni X
Featured here are the "Metallic Stud Bangle" in Silver & the "Metallic Mesh Rope Bracelet" in Black.
My absolute fave!: The "Roman Empress Bangle" in Silver.

Check out that packaging! Whether your purchase is for Mum or for yourself (or both!) just storing these on your dresser is going to look amazing!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hello Shoes… Hello Tragen!

Well, it’s no secret I love shoes…. At last count I think there are roughly 80-100 pairs in my wardrobe… Roughly! Even though I love the thrill of snagging a bargain pair, I usually spend a little more on shoes. Especially if they’re going to be on high rotation, like my work heels.

However, it’s pretty difficult to get an all leather pair that won’t cost you a week’s wages – and then you finally buy them only to become too scared to actually wear them just in case they get scuffed, GASP! So when I discovered the range of Arezzo shoes on Tragen via Instagram, I thought this was too good not to share…

Arezzo are an established Brazilian brand of handmade all leather (yep that’s lining and soles too!) shoes that will be in your wardrobe forever. Previously Arezzo was only available overseas, but now you can get your hands on a pair via

Caroline runs the show at Tragen and after constant requests from friends to bring these back after family holidays to Brazil, she decided to make them available for all of us – um YAY! I just got my pair of petrol coloured leather points (with gold toe-caps – mmmm fancy!) and I’m super impressed! I know the more I wear them, they’re going to perfectly form to my feet; I know I’ll be wearing these for years…

All of the range is either under or around $200 and let me tell you, they’re well worth the investment! You can also try them at home for free – yes I said it… F R E E… If you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, Caroline offers a private viewing/trying service. Which means she’ll come to you with shoes, you try and you buy what you like – It’s like online shopping and actual shopping had a love child!

I highly recommend you try them if you really love your leather… Here’s a tip too, sign up to the online Tragen newsletter and you’ll get a whopping $50 off your next purchase – now that’s a deal. View the entire Arezzo range at and follow them on Instagram @hellotragen for daily shoe-spo!

Happy Shopping!

Toni X

Outfit Details: Draped Tee from Topshop / Zip Skirt from Dolly Girl Fashion / Sunglasses from ValleyGirl / Shoes from Hello Tragen of course!

These gorgeous pumps are in a smooth petrol coloured leather with gold toe-caps - perfect for work or play.

I just love these shoes! The leather has softened with ever wear and they fit so perfectly!

I've always been a fan of a pencil skirt - the rose print and zip add a little something different.