Sunday, 28 July 2013

"T'was The Week Before Pay Day"

 Sometimes it’s difficult to find bargains worth buying and the funds to support said bargains can run a little thin… Sometimes I just want a cheap thrill, something to lift my spirits after a hard day at work… Something that won’t cost me a week’s wages… It’s a constant battle and has left me wondering whether there is an easy “go to” place to find such a pick-me-up…

This is when I discovered “Sub Fiddy” – wonderfully as the name suggests, everything on this website is below $50… Cute tops, dresses, skirts and shorts all can be purchased with virtually the spare change jingling around in your handbag… Sounds pretty good huh? Well, it gets better - They also offer free domestic shipping Australia wide, Hurrah! I’m not sure about you, but I am far more inclined to purchase from online stores who offer free shipping – it’s one less thing you have to fork out cash for and it leaves extra money in the online shopping kitty… With the money you save on shipping you can certainly treat yourself to another item from Sub Fiddy, that’s for sure!

Sub Fiddy is a simple little store with a select amount of stock, however the pieces are bang on trend and incredibly affordable… I have my eye on a Tan Leatherette Shift Dress that I think is a perfect trans-seasonal piece and leatherette is so hot right now! Not to mention, it’s super easy to care for – just throw it in the washing machine and you’re done… Chelsea, the big boss at Sub Fiddy, is also super helpful, which makes your shopping experience even more pleasant, such a bonus when it comes to shopping online.

Here are some of my picks from Sub Fiddy – including some things I already have in my wardrobe!  Go forth and shop – completely guilt free… Be sure to pay them an online visit and you can also follow them on Instagram - @subfiddy.

Happy Shopping!

Toni X
Neon Mosaic Black Tunic Dress - $39 - Available Here

Dripping CC Slashed Knit - $30 - Available Here

White Floral Flare Skirt Dress - $40 - Available Here
Tan Leatherette Running Shorts - $32 - Available Here (Also Available in Black & White)

Blue Cross Cut-Out Top - $25 - Available Here

Sleeveless Army Vest - $35 - Available Here

Tan Leatherette Shift Dress - $38 - Available Here

Sequin Pocket Mint Tank - $27 - Available Here

Strapless Floral Playsuit - $49 - Available Here

Jungle Animal & Chain Mini Skirt - $18 - Available Here

Asymmetric Grey Quilted Mini Skirt with Leatherette Detail - $32 - Available Here

Leopard Print Mini Shorts - $30 - Available Here

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